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Dortmund 23-24 Special Kit Leaked?

Dortmund 23-24 Special Kit Leaked?

Updating: The team has come upon new images of the grayed-out Borussia Dortmund shirt. The shirt is probably a fake, that is based on an idea.

Pictures of a previously undiscovered Borussia Dortmund jersey were released by BVB fans the @AroooBVB. Could this be a special edition BVB shirt that will be available in 2023-24?

Important to note: Footy Headlines have no data that suggests Dortmund will launch the special shirt during the current season. The shirt shown is consequently, most likely to be to be a counterfeit based on an idea.

Dortmund 23-24 Special Kit

The Puma Borussia Dortmund 2023-24 particular football shirt is a unique and basic design. It’s all-grey, with white logos.

The shirt in question is fake. The Puma logo is poorly applied and does not appear to be properly aligned.

It doesn’t mean an identical shirt style will not be made available by Puma as well as Borussia Dortmund. The fakes are usually based on actual designs. However, it’s not uncommon for fakes to originate from conceptual design concepts. In the present we don’t have any definitive evidence in either direction.

The grey shade in Puma Dortmund 2023-2024’s Puma Dortmund 2023-2024 special shirt will match BVB’s latest visual image.

BVB Special Kit – Previous Seasons

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It is likely that the Puma Borussia Dortmund 2023-24 Special shirt won’t be sold.

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