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Chivas 2024 Third Kit Released

Chivas 2024 Third Kit Released

Chivas de Guadalajara’s 2024 third-kit was launched this morning. The new kit pays tribute to the agaves that are native to Jalisco.

Agaves are succulent plants that belong to the Agavoideae subfamily. They are part of Jalisco, Mexico, the Agaves are renowned as they play a role in the making of tequila an infamous spirit that is distilled.

Chivas 2024 Third Kit

Take a look at Puma’s Chivas 2024 third-year jersey in the video below.

The Puma Chivas de Guadalajara, 2024’s third t-shirt is inspired by Agaves. The shirt combines a dark green base with silver logos, and modern graphics. Its graphic resembles the appearance of the agave.

The black shorts are a perfect match for this Puma Chivas 2024 third t-shirt.

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The version is available since the 7th of December The Puma Chivas of Guadalajara’s third jersey costs 1.800 Mexico Peso (100 dollars) for the authentic replica.

Made by Puma. What are your thoughts on Chivas Third Kit? Leave a comment below.

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