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Stuttgart Fans Protest Against Special Kit

Stuttgart Fans Protest Against Special Kit

The Stuttgart’s faithful fan base especially the Commando Cannstatt fan base, have spoken out in opposition to the recent release of a special version “StuttgART” jersey.

Thank you for Sport1 for the photo.

It’s priced at EUR189.30 and only limited to 1893 copies as a tribute to the club’s beginning year (1893) The jersey was created by a local artist, however it was met with strong resistance from enthusiastic supporters. This particular jersey does not have the distinctive chest ring as well as the red club color.

What does this shabby and costly shit have to relate to an VfB jersey?

When VfB played at home against Bremen at home, in which VfB players wore the controversial shirt, supporters displayed their anger.

The meaning is “What does this ugly and expensive shit have to do with a VfB jersey? “.

The shirt is worth more than 300 euros The shirt is now being sold at nearly twice what it cost originally

In the meantime, the shirt is being resold at nearly double the price of its original purchase and more than 300 Euros.

Do you feel that you can understand the fans critique? What is your opinion on the special edition of this jersey?

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