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Atalanta 23-24 Xmas Kit Revealed

Atalanta 23-24 Xmas Kit Revealed

Atalanta has revealed their 2023 Xmas kit for matches, which was designed to match the team against Salernitana on the 18th of December.

Atalanta 23-24 Xmas Kit

This is the new Joma Atalanta B.C. Xmas football shirt from 2023-24.

The Joma Atalanta 2023-24 Christmas t-shirt is primarily black with a the tartan design that is comprised of blue lines that run across.

The information about the game is printed on the left side of the Joma Atalanta 2023-24 Christmas football shirt.

As per custom, the items will be auctioned off on the sports program TuttoAtalanta broadcast on Bergamo TV. Proceeds from the auction will go to charities including the Associazione amici of Pediatrics (Friends of the Pediatrics Charity) through the Fondo Atalanta.

In addition, the limited-edition shirts are available to purchase in both shops in stores both physical and online beginning on November 15.

Made by Joma. Which do you think of Atalanta’s Xmas outfit? Leave a comment below.

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