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Adidas 2024 MLS Ball Released – 1990s Tribute

Adidas 2024 MLS Ball Released - 1990s Tribute

We have confirmed our leak. The brand new MLS 2024 ball has been revealed on the day of its unveiling. The ball commemorates thirty years since the USA 1994 FIFA World Cup with bold shades.

Adidas 2024 MLS Pro Ball

The brand new Adidas 2024 MLS ball features a white base and vibrant colors, drawing on the 90s style. It is a tribute to this year, which witnessed the birth of Major League Soccer (MLS) and was distinguished with iconic jerseys, denim style, and neon hues.

In terms of technology in terms of technology, it is a bit outdated. MLS ball is similar to the newly introduced Adidas Euro 2024 football. The ball is inspired by it’s predecessor, the Adidas 2022 World Cup ball however it has new grooves to provide an improved ball flight (similar with the Nike Flight ball).

2023 vs 2024 MLS Balls

Adidas 2024 MLS football is sold at $170USD .

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