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No More Adidas – Sao Paulo Announce New Balance Kit Deal

No More Adidas - Sao Paulo Announce New Balance Kit Deal

New: New Balance have official signed an agreement in partnership with Sao Paulo FC, starting in January 2024, and lasting through the end of December 2027. The initial Sao Paulo new Balance kits will be presented on January.

New Balance is also expected to provide players’ versions of its jerseys for the team this is not the case for Adidas.

In the terms of the agreement, Sao Paulo will be the sole football team that has their own uniform made through New Balance. It also has plans to produce items specifically designed made for Sao Paulo fans.

More details on this latest collaboration with Sao Paulo and New Balance will be announced in the coming months.

Updating: Various local media have reported they believe that Sao Paulo FC are set to announce a kit partnership in conjunction with New Balance, replacing Adidas shortly, which confirms the earlier reports by Mantos are Futebol.

New Balance will be the new manufacturer of Sao Paulo’s kit in 2024, as per a report the Mantos do Futebol.

Sao Paulo to Leave Adidas for New Balance

Brazilian team Sao Paulo are to leave the current kit maker Adidas to join New Balance from next year from next year. The agreement hasn’t been announced yet however Mantos are Futebol has it through reliable people who are involved in talks that a deal will soon be signed.

Sao Paulo are said to be dissatisfied with the treatment they received by Adidas They believe they are entitled to a wider distribution of their equipment in line to their status as one of Brazil’s largest teams. There has been issues since the inception with the collaboration in 2017 because the club hasn’t been given authentic equipment, but only replicas to use in matches. They also believe that they belong placed in Adidas the top-tier in the category of “elite” clubs, a group that also includes their neighbours, Flamengo.

Should the deal be approved, Sao Paulo would become the second team of NB in Brazil as it would be joining Red bull Bragantino. In addition to Flamengo, Adidas also currently sponsors Cruzeiro, Internacional and Atletico Mineiro.

Do you think this is a fair bargain to Sao Paulo? Could NB produce adequate kits to suit the team? Let us know in the comments below.

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