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Exclusive: USA 2024 Away Kit Info Leaked

Exclusive: USA 2024 Away Kit Info Leaked

Footy Headlines will give you the initial details concerning the Nike USA 2024 away kit. The kit will be used in 2024 Copa America and 2024 Olympics.

USA 2024 Copa America Away Kit

The image shows the color scheme of the brand new Nike US Soccer away football shirt that will be used in 2024 Copa America.

The Nike US Soccer 2024 away jersey is a popular combination of colors. The red and blue colors are mixed with white for logos as well as applications. Officially they are “Old Royal/Sport Red/White/White”.

Since white is listed two times, we can expect not just the logos, as well as the applications to have white. The white color could indicate the possibility of a red/blue (striped) pattern on the sleeves and body However, nothing specific is yet known.

The fans would surely want to see a similar kit in this year’s Copa America, but it is just speculation at the moment.

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The Nike USA 2024 away jersey is available for purchase in March and April 2024.

Are you pleased with the first details of this USA 2024 kits for away? Let us know below.

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