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Exclusive: Adidas to Release Arsenal Retro Collection

Exclusive: Adidas to Release Arsenal Retro Collection

Adidas will launch a unique retro Arsenal collection at the end of 2024. Football Headlines will only release.

Adidas Original Arsenal 2024 Collection

Based on Footy Headlines’ sources, According to sources from Footy Headlines, Adidas Arsenal retro 2024 collection will sport the Trefoil logo as well as the classic Arsenal Crest.

It is believed that the Arsenal 2024 retro collection is expected to comprise a variety of items. We have confirmed a jacket along with a tshirt as well as pants. We don’t know if it will also include a remake kit. Adidas Retro collection for Arsenal 2024 will include a new of the kit.

Footy Headlines aren’t revealing any details regarding the style for this collection. Adidas Originals Arsenal 2024 collection at this time.

Adidas was the kit sponsor of Arsenal from 1986 to 1994. It’s possible that Adidas might use the Arsenal shirt designs from the time to inspire the Arsenal 2024 retro-inspired collection.

Explore old-fashioned Arsenal kits at Football Kit Archive.

The downside is that it will take until the beginning of winter 2024 (November 2024) to purchase items of this collection. Arsenal Retro 2024 Collection.

What are your expectations of the Arsenal 2024 range? Leave a comment below.

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