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Barcelona 125-Year Logo Leaked

Barcelona 125-Year Logo Leaked

The 2024 season will see FC Barcelona celebrate their year-long anniversary of 125 years. We now have a sneak glimpse of the logo to mark the occasion because of FC Barcelona shirt collector @memorabilia1899.

Nike will also run an exclusive campaign in celebration of this occasion. An exclusive collection will be scheduled to release prior to the the 2024-2025 year.

FC Barcelona 20224 125th Anniversary Logo

The unique FC Barcelona 125-year anniversary logo comes from two primary components namely an inner as well as an outer one.

The interior of the design reveals the shape of the crest and the stylized number of 125 within it. The outside part of the design is an elongated circle that has the words “FC Barcelona – 1899/2024” within the circle.

The specially 125th anniversary logo will appear on the side of each Barcelona 24-25 kit. This will also form included in a unique celebration FC Barcelona collection in 2024.

Nike FC Barcelona 125th Anniversary Logo

In the meantime, Footy Headlines have come upon images of a different Barcelona 125th anniversary logo this time by Nike. It is less streamlined design, with the number the 125. The design is seen on a variety of Nike Barcelona 24-26 items.

It is yet to be determined what logos from both the anniversary events are used. There is a possibility that the presence of two distinct anniversary logos could be a cause to the tensions that have recently erupted in the relationship between Nike as well as FC Barcelona.

Are you a fan of the unique FC Barcelona 125th anniversary logo?

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