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Exclusive: Adidas to Release AS Roma Remake Kit

Exclusive: Adidas to Release AS Roma Remake Kit

New version: We have created the mock-up of Dybala sporting his Adidas Roma 1994-2024 remake kit. The kit is almost impossible to imagine to believe that the design would use in official games. But, Betis have just made this happen (wearing an old jersey featuring an older sponsors), so we considered it an excellent idea to display the modern version on a player. The Roma kit for 1994-2024 features the famous Barilla logo of the sponsor.

The 2024 year is when Adidas is expected to reissue their 90s Roma kit. Footy Headlines has exclusive access to the details of this.

AS Roma 1992-2024 Remake Kit

The image shows the first Adidas AS Roma shirt from 1992-1994.

The Adidas AS Roma 1992-1994 replica jersey will have the same color as the original jersey (used during the 1992-93 as well as 1993-1994 season) and, perhaps some minor changes.

As with the original jersey as well, the Adidas Associazione Roma 1993-2024 redesigned jersey will feature the famous Barilla emblem on the front.

Take a look at some the classic kits of Associazione Sportiva Rome in the Football Kit Archive

If you’re looking to purchase the Adidas Roma replica jersey 1993-1994 There’s a bit of bad information – you’ll have be patient until fall 2024 (September 2024) which is the planned release date.

Do you like the Adidas revived the Associazione Sportsiva Roma’s 1993-94 uniform? Leave a comment below.

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