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Alianza Lima 2024 Home Kit Released

Alianza Lima 2024 Home Kit Released

The new Club Alianza Lima 2024 home shirts were released this morning. The shirt is manufactured by Nike.

Alianza Lima 2024 Home Kit

In keeping with the classic colors and traditional colors, the Nike Alianza Lima 2024 home soccer shirt includes gold accents as small stripes that are incorporated into the bigger blue stripes. They also feature the cuffs as well as the Swoosh that is on the chest.

The collar on the inside on the Nike Club Alianza Lima 2024 shirt is adorned with a picture celebrating the 50th anniversary of Alejandro Villanueva Stadium.

The Nike Alianza Lima 2024 home football shirt was launched on the 4th of December.

Made by Nike. What are your thoughts on Alianza Lima’s first home shirt? Write a comment.

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