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Rayados 2024 Third Kit Released

Rayados 2024 Third Kit Released

Club de Futbol Monterrey (more commonly known as Rayados) has unveiled its third Monterrey 2024 third kit for the season 2023-24.

Rayados 2024 Third Kit

The new Puma Monterrey 3rd jersey is for 2024.

Following last year’s purple shirt The Puma Monterey 2024 Third Shirt has a contemporary look with white and various shades of blue.

The Puma C.F. The unique abstract design of the third jersey for Monterrey, 2024 is what makes it so special. The design is inspired by the mountains of Nuevo Leon and the “M”, the emblematic symbol of Monterrey.

Puma’s logos stand out with a red contrast. The Puma 2024 Rayados third shirt has a plain navy back.

The player’s version of the Puma Monterrey 2020 third shirt is available since 1 December at a retail price of 2699 Mexican Pesos (157 US Dollars). You can get the replica for 1699 Mexican Pesos (100 US dollars).

Made by Puma C.F. : What do you think? What’s your opinion on C.F. Please leave a comment below.

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