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James Rodríguez Officially Joins New Balance

James Rodríguez Officially Joins New Balance

James Rodriguez, the Colombian soccer star who has been without a sponsor for almost a full year (as of December 2022), signed an official contract with New Balance as a New Balance Tekela Boot Ambassador.

James Rodriguez x New Balance Deals

James’ contract with Adidas expires at the end 2022. He has worn many boot brands, including Nike Tiempo and Mizuno. Since August, James wears New Balance Tekela.

James was the star of the moment after a stellar performance during the 2014 World Cup. James, however, was not able to keep up his performance and began playing increasingly badly. Adidas has decided to not renew James’s contract after 2022.

New Balance, which will replace Adidas in 2024, will be producing the Sao Paulo kits. James Rodriguez could have a deal that goes beyond his boots with New Balance.

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