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FC Copenhagen 23-24 120-Year Anniversary Kit Released

FC Copenhagen 23-24 120-Year Anniversary Kit Released

The new Adidas 2023-2024 120th anniversary shirt for FC Copenhagen was launched this week.

The F.C. The 120th anniversary Copenhagen 2023-2024 strip pays tribute B1903, which was the original club of what is now FCK.

F.C. was formed in 1992 when Kjobenhavns Boldklub merged into the club. Boldklubben 1903 has transferred its license to the Danish league to Copenhagen.

FC Copenhagen 23-24 Anniversary Kit

Below you can see the Adidas FC Copenhagen 23-24120th Anniversary Football Shirt.

Adidas F.C. The new Copenhagen 2023-24 120th anniversary jersey is a replica of the B1903. Copenhagen’s 120th Anniversary shirt has a white background with black stripes, similar to the classic B1903.

On the back of your neck, you will find the B1903 shield. The Adidas Copenhagen 2023-2024120-year anniversary shirt also has striking red details inspired by the red crest.

The Adidas F.C. The 120th anniversary Copenhagen 2023-24 jersey features black shorts with red socks.

Adidas F.C. The Adidas F.C. The shirt is sold out.

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