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RC Lens 23-24 Sainte-Barbe Special Kit Released

RC Lens 23-24 Sainte-Barbe Special Kit Released

In keeping with custom, the French team Racing Club de Lens launched a special shirt to commemorate Sainte-Barbe. Like previous years this one is a very elegant one.

Saint Barbara is known as the patron saint of firefighters, miners, and the pyrotechnicians. The Sainte Barbe Festival is observed on the 4th day of December every year.

RC Lens 23-24 Sainte-Barbe Special Kit

The shirt is called the Lens 2023-24 Sainte Barbe Special football shirt manufactured by Puma.

The Puma Racing Club de Lens 2023-2024 SainteBarbe Special shirt is a blend of modern-day design and historic reverence. It features an intense green hue and gold accents. The graphic printed on the shirt were drawn with a distinct style, in honor of the Sainte Barbe festival.

Front of Puma lens 2023-24 Sainte-Barbe Special t-shirt features the most significant icons of the mining heritage in the region, which include Saint Barbara’s Tower and a stained-glass image, miner’s lamp, as well as the “Sainte-Barbe” Inscription. To commemorate the Bollaert-Delelis stadium’s anniversary of 90 years, the reverse of the shirt shows the year “1933-2023,” a stadium picture, and Felix Bollaert’s last name.

An iconic club logo that proudly echoing its rich mining heritage is displayed in the chest left of the Puma RC Lens 23-24 Sainte-Barbe Special football shirt

Puma Racing Club of Lens, 2023 – 24 Sainte Barbe Special jersey is available for purchase starting at 2 pm the 2nd of December, local time. .

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Created by Puma Pretty stylish. Are you a big fan of Lens’ Sainte-Barbe Special shirt? Leave a comment below.

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