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Next-Gen Adidas Copa Pure 2 Base White and Base Black Released

Next-Gen Adidas Copa Pure 2 Base White and Base Black Released

Adidas has officially announced its Copa Pure 2 boots on the official launch date. Blackout and Whiteout colors for Copa Pure 2 boots. Copa Pure 2 boots.

Adidas Copa Pure 2 Blackout & Whiteout

See the latest Adidas Copa Pure 2 football shoe in black/carbon/grey with a core color in the video below.

These Blackout Adidas Copa Pure II cleats come in black and three dark, metallic Stripes that give the shoes a an elegant and sleek look.

These are the latest Adidas Whiteout Copa Pure II boots.

The Adidas Copa Pure 2 whiteout can be described as nearly entirely white. The thing that makes them stand apart is the metallic Three Stripes.

The launch of “blackout” or whiteout’ colors is a standard with every new generation in Adidas football shoes. 2024 is the year of the whiteout and blackout next-generation Copa Pure 2 football boots as well as blackout and whiteout paint options in 2024 for the Adidas Predator.

Adidas Copa Pure 2 – Features

  • Fifth generation of contemporary Copa series
  • The laceless version is now collared (Primeknit) as well as the normal tongue
  • It is the successor of Adidas Copa Pure, only small adjustments
  • Leather upper made from Fusionskin with haptic 3D print Cow leather forefoot
  • Outsoles of Torsionframe
  • Cost: USD 280 (EUR 300 USD 250, GBP 250)
  • The release date is January 1, 2024

The Adidas Copa Pure 2024 football sneakers in the Base White & Base Black pack will launch in the month of December, 2023. They will retail at approximately USD 280 (EUR 300 GBP 250, EUR 300).

Do you love Adidas their new blackout and whiteout Copa Pure 2 soccer boots? Send us a message here, and check out our Boot Calendar for all the most recent Adidas soccer footwear.

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