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New Balance Have Been In Contact with FC Barcelona

New Balance Have Been In Contact with FC Barcelona

New Balance is engaged New Balance has been in contact FC Barcelona, according to local media Diario Sport. The Blaugrana board of directors is believed to be unsatisfied by Nike and are looking into alternatives for a new supplier.

Nike and Barcelona have signed a contract that is an unspecified amount of 100 million Euro each season up to 2028. In addition, bonuses can amount to 155 million euro.

Barcelona Is Not Content with Nike

Although the club has the most lucrative deal for a kit in the world of football, Joan Laporta and other manager believe that the money received is not enough to cover the cost of the team is worth. New Balance are one of the companies that have shown desire to replace Nike. The other brand would have been Puma.

Nike says Barcelona is also the cause of issues with the partnership

New Balance are looking to increase their presence in soccer. New Balance recently concluded new agreements together with Sao Paulo FC and young Brazilian soccer player Endrick is set to be joining Real Madrid in the summer of 2024.

But talks haven’t been able to progress since the Catalan board believes that they cannot finance to pay for a termination of the contract currently and that it would seem unattainable for the company’s brand.

In addition to the purely financial aspect, Barcelona are also not fully satisfied with several services: the quality of particular processes, designs and services to the players. Some sources associated with Nike have revealed that certain circumstances have proved difficult to meet, and Barcelona itself can be accountable for the delay in making decisions and failure to adhere to deadlines. In the end, tensions within the partnership have caused frustration to each of the parties.

Football Headlines: Opinions on Gap Filler, Nike Will Remain FC Barcelona Kit Maker until At the very least 2028.

Based on the opinions of Footy Headlines, the entire report is a sensationalized report for Sport as they’re an everyday sports publication primarily focussed specifically on FC Barcelona. The reports about issues may be real, they’re not uncommon when it comes to football.

Actually, FC Barcelona probably get an advantage over any of the other Nike club. They’re the only team which receives next season’s training plan 6 months prior to the start of the season.

Are you convinced there’s an opportunity there is a chance New Balance will make Barcelona’s kit?

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