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UFL Reveal In-House Football Boots, Kits & Stadiums

UFL Reveal In-House Football Boots, Kits & Stadiums

The forthcoming football video game, United Football League (UFL) has given us an inside look at the football boots ball kits, stadiums and gloves that will be featured on the field.

UFL are looking to take on EA Sports by launching a free-to-play football video game that is (still) set to launch in 2023 (even even though it’s likely that the date of launch will be delayed). The game will predominantly have fantasy teams because it does not have licenses for many teams and leagues.

At a minimum, UFL have partnered with FIFPro which is the global representative body for more than 65,000 professional footballers. So we’ll see a variety of genuine names of players (but not fake ones). The licensed clubs are Hashtag United (for whom they are also their main patrons), West Ham United, Sporting CP, Shakhtar Donetsk Borussia Monchengladbach Monaco, Besiktas, Celtic and Rangers.

UFL Football Boots, Kits & Stadiums

This UFL video game comes with an assortment of original football boots, kits stadiums, gloves and more. Contrary to the boots for football made by UFL that Konami sells and EA Sports, UFL have invested more time and effort into their designs. Some of their boots appear as excellent as the best products of Adidas as well as Nike.

It is yet to be determined what happens when it is true that the last UFL event will sport Adidas or Nike licensed football boots. The UFL game also has licensed some of the most famous stars in football, such as Cristiano Ronaldo Firmino as well as De Bruyne. In earlier teasers the game showed players sporting the most recent authorized Adidas as well as Nike boots.

As the boots, in-house ball, stadiums and gloves for goalkeepers and kits of those who play in the UFL game are all quite impressive, even though they obviously do not have the branding logos that fans want to see.

UFL Football Boots

UFL Football Kits

UFL Football

UFL Goalkeeper Gloves

UFL Stadiums

How do you feel about the football boots made by UFL and kits, balls and stadiums that will be showcased in the forthcoming UFL game? Tell us via the comment section below.

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