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PSG 24-25 Third Kit Info Leaked – Upside Jordan Logo?

PSG 24-25 Third Kit Info Leaked - Upside Jordan Logo?

New version: We have an important update regarding the PSG 24-25 third kit (thanks to Paris Saint-Germain kit experts @lasource75006). As in previous seasons, it will once again sport Jordan’s logo. Jordan logo.

Based on the previous Nike 24-25 third-kits it’s likely that we’ll get the upside Jordan branding. The mock-ups of grhaer9’s design to show the final design more accurately. While the colors are true but it’s crucial to remember that Nike might incorporate additional patterns into the design such as those on the back of the shirt as well as the collar and cuffs.

Design and publish your football kits using FIFA Kit Creator just as grhaer9 did for the PSG 2024-25 third kit.

PSG 24-25 Third Kit

This image illustrates a possible design for the brand new Jordan Paris Saint-Germain third football shirt to be released in 2024-25.

The brand new Jordan PSG 2024-25 third football jerseyhas the primary color of ‘Rust Pink and black accents. The front collar and PSG logo are black. Officially they are “Rust pink/black/black”.

The most distinctive aspect in this PSG 23-25 3rd kit probably its upside Jordan logo. PSG is the sole team with the Jordan kit. All others Elite squads will feature the upside Swoosh.

Jordan PSG 3rd kit Jordan PSG third kit will be released in August/September 2024.

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