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Exclusive: Flamengo 24-25 Home, Away & Third Kits

Exclusive: Flamengo 24-25 Home, Away & Third Kits

update: We can give you predictions for what will be the Adidas Flamengo 2024-2025 home, away and the third jersey. We anticipate them to be fairly exact, with just a few specifics that may differ.

The Flamengo board of directors has was able to approve Flamengo’s board of directors approved Adidas 24-25 kits’ design in April 2023. They will be ready by April 2023. Adidas Flamengo 2024-2025 football kit is inspired by Adidas their recent Euro 2024 templates.There’s some confusion about which logos from sponsors will be featured in the Flamengo 2024-2025 football kits.

The main sponsor currently, BRB Banco, could be replaced by Pixbet. But, BRB Banco have a agreement which allows for them to accept any deal. So, it’s up to them as well as their bank accounts if they decide to remain as the primary sponsor. So, we have not put any logos of sponsors in our Flamengo 2024-2025 kit.

Flamengo 24-24 Home Kit

See the Adidas’ Flamengo 2024-25 home shirt below.

The Adidas Flamengo 2024-2025 home shirt is a classic hoops in black and red, however with an added twist. Hoops feature an incline to them.

As opposed to the past and previous years, unlike previous years, the Adidas as well as the CRF (Clube of Regatas of Flamengo) logos are no more white, but have been replaced with silver.

Flamengo 24-24 Away Kit

This photo depicts this image of the Adidas Flamengo away kit for the 24-25 season.

The Adidas Flamengo 24-25 away football shirt is white, with CRF’s logo, the star that represents this year’s Club World Cup, and the Adidas logo in Carbon.

Similar to the home kit, the brand new Flamengo 24-25 away kit is equipped with a gradient hoops, however this time, they’re less obvious – they’re silver on white bases.

Flamengo 24-24 Third Kit

This photo depicts this shirt, which is the Adidas Third Flamengo football shirt to be worn in 2024-25.

As with all Adidas 24-25 Elite Team third kits, the Adidas Clube de Regatas do Flamengo 2024-25 third t-shirt is adorned with the Trefoil in place of the standard Adidas logo.

The design of in terms of design, Adidas Flamengo 2024-2025 third kit is expected to be straightforward, making the logos shine.

The Flamengo 2024-2025 kit for the home will be available in March 2024 and the away kit is expected soon after, which is likely. The Flamengo 24-25 third kit is expected to be released in the month of August 20924.

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