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AS Roma 2024-25 Away Kit Leaked

AS Roma 2024-25 Away Kit Leaked

Update We’ve introduced the Adidas AS Roma 2024-25 away kit to life like the one it was worn by the striker Romelu Lukaku. This Adidas Roma 2024-25 away shirt will launch in June/July 2024. The design may be a little different, however the overall impression will be very similar.

New version: Footy Hearlines made a mock-up of their “Flames2 Roma 2024-2025 away kit inspired by the draft of Al Circo Massimo. The mock-up shows how the flames on the kit appear. The final version will probably vary a little but the overall appearance should be pretty close.

The AS Roma 2024-25 away kit is being revealed through Al Circo Massimo. It’s also a mixture of classic colors the kit has an eye-catching design.

AS Roma 2024-25 Away Kit

See the Adidas’ Roma 2024-25 away shirt below.

The Adidas A.S. Roma 24-25 away football shirt is predominantly white and silver with bright red and orange accents.

Adidas make use of Lupetto as their Lupetto logo instead of their current crest that has neon orange over a background of red as well as the Adidas logo is also a striking red color.

The most striking element in this Adidas Roma 2024-25 jersey is the striking graphic influenced by street art–.

Officially they are “Silvery White/Fluorescent orange/Pompeian red”.

The Adidas Associazione Sportiva Roma 2024-25 away t-shirt will be released in June/July of 2024.

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