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Adidas Originals 1996 Spain & Germany Collection Released

Adidas Originals 1996 Spain & Germany Collection Released

Adidas has brought back the kit collection from 1996 featuring two teams: the German as well as Spanish teams sporting the classic style.

Alongside Spain as well as Germany Alongside Germany and Spain, the Adidas Remake collection also includes ItalyArgentina and Mexico.

Adidas 1996 Kits Remake Collection

The Adidas Remake collection for 1996 was influenced from kits from the Euro 1996 Germany and Spain kits. The collection of 1996’s remake includes tops, jackets with the anthem shorts, and pants.

Germany Home Kit Remake 1996

The latest Adidas Germany kit features a similar design to the original kit. It has a central color of white, and three shoulder stripes of black. Collars and sleeves have black with yellow and red stripes that are inspired from those of the German flag. The three star designs on the German Crest are also made of three colors: red/black/yellow/black The color that are the colors of the German flag.

Germany 1996 away kit redesign

The latest Adidas Germany 1996 away football jersey is the same style as their original away shirt however the mint green color has been a little brighter.

Germany 1995 anthem jacket refashion

Germany 1996 pants refashion

Spain 1996 kit for home remake

The brand new Adidas Spain home football jersey is a similar design as their home shirt from 1996 with the primary color being red, and the main feature being a massive dark blue strip that has three yellow stripes running down right side.

Spain 1998 anthem jacket refashion

Spain 1996 short version of remake

Spain 1996 pants remake

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