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Vinicius “Confirms” New Deal With With Nike

Vinicius "Confirms" New Deal With With Nike

Following a legal battle in the last calendar year Vinicius appears to have signed an extended partnership with Nike to be an important part of Nike’s US Nike’s most popular stars.

A New Vinicius-x Nike Deal Confirmed by Instagram Post

Vinicius Jr. ran into legal issues in his relationship with Nike on February 20, 2023. He was looking to terminate his deal with Swoosh however, Nike brought the matter to the courts. In the final analysis, it appears the matter was resolved.

There was speculation of Adidas and Puma were looking for Vinicius to be signed by the two clubs.

We do not have any leaks regarding the new agreement with Vinicius as well as Nike The previous deal with Nike and Vinicius began in the year the year 2018 and ran for a period of 10 years and ran until 2028.

Vinicius is still representing Nike and the Swoosh will make him a player alongside Haaland and Mbappe. It could also be a sign of shoes that are a signature for Vinicius, the Brazilian superstar.

Do you like the fact that Vinicius Jr. is back with Nike? Would you like to know if Vinicius Jr will receive his first pair of signature cleats from Nike very soon? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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