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Roma to Get Kit With Trefoil Logo For 24-25 Season?

Roma to Get Kit With Trefoil Logo For 24-25 Season?

In the 2023-24 season AS Roma are no Adidas Elite team. But will the Italian club receive an additional kit sporting Trefoil’s logo for the 2024-25 year, in line with one of the largest Adidas Teams (who part of the “Elite Club”)?

It is highly impossible to think that AS Roma will become an Elite team after the 2024-25 season. However it’s probable that Adidas will provide them with their own kit with the Trefoil logo although we can’t verify anything at this point.

The designer of the kit, grhaer9 has still created an image mockup to show how the AS Roma 24-25 third kit could look like, with the Trefoil logo. It is essential to point out that we do not know the colors of the kit at this point as the concept is an idea that is only.

AS Roma 2024-25 Third Kit Conceptual Fantasy

This photo shows a fictitious Roma 23-25 design for the third kit.

The Adidas AS Roma 24-25 third football design from grhaer9 mostly black, with striking orange logos and red graphic detail on the shirt.

The Associazione Sportiva Roma 2024-25 third kit mock-up is based on the Adidas template, identified by the 2006-inspired side panels with cut-outs on the front of the shirt with an the yellow and orange border.

As an Adidas premier team Roma are the only team to receive kits that can be used Aeroready made by Adidas but none of the Heat.Rdy kits, as shown from the mockup.

The Adidas A.S.Roma 2024-25 third jersey will be available in the summer/august of 2024

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