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Exclusive: New Europa League Logo “Leaked”

Exclusive: New Europa League Logo "Leaked"

Footy Headlines will exclusively unveil the brand new Europa League logo, which will be in use beginning in the 2024-25 season and beyond.

New Europa League 2024-25 Logo

The way you see you can see, the new Europa League logo retains the same color as the previous logo. The only difference is that orange borders on its outside, and it’s Europa League cup shape on the inside.

The circular outline of the outside has been changed into an octagonal shape. the cup has been modified with an open V at the center.

Kipsta will become the UEFA’s Europa League & Conference League ball provider for 2024-2027

At the signing ceremony held of Kipsta and UEFA to sign an agreement to renew the ball contract for 2024-2027 and the new Europa League logo was (accidentally?) presented earlier. It has been shown before. Europa League font on the logo has been altered slightly to soften it to match this new design.

Current Europa League badge

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