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Weird? Southampton Print Footballs on Players’ Shirts to Signify Scored Goals

Southampton Football Club have come up with an innovative method to track the goals of each player this season.

Inside of Southampton Player Shirts Feature Football Icons to Show Number of Goals

Southampton have footballs printed in the interior of the shirts of their players For every goal scored during the Championship the ball’s logo is printed on the shirt. For example, Adam Armstrong, Southampton’s highest goal scorer, is wearing eight footballs engraved on the inside of his shirt. Ryan Fraser has two footballs to score two goals.

The practice is reportedly a debut for soccer clubs. However, the implementation is not very classy. firstly, the football image looks like a cheap clipart. Secondly it’s a little too large for what we like.

If you’re thinking – you wouldn’t be permitted to record the score of goals on the exterior on the kit.

Does Southampton’s decision to put football patterns on the outside of the shirts of players smart idea? Would it have been possible to do it better? Let us know your thoughts.

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