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Puma Set to Become World’s Leading Official Ball Maker

Puma Set to Become World's Leading Official Ball Maker

Puma will soon become the world’s most reputable official ball manufacturer, due to recent agreements.

Puma’s Official Match Ball Deals – Premier League From 2025

Puma has agreements to sign with Spanish’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A as well as the English EFL, Liga F (Spain’s Women’s first division) and the Portuguese league Liga Portugal, and Scotland’s Professional League, as well as the major internationally African as well as South American competitions.

Through the Premier League deal, the brand will supply footballs to 3 of 5 most important European football leagues beginning in 2025.

Adidas is continuing to produce ball-shaped match balls to be used in two of the most important tournaments – the Champions League and the World Cup. Nike on the other hand has no significant deal to make.

Do you have a view about Nike quitting their ball markets and Puma getting the ball market back? Tell us in the comments below.

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