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Imagine the Manchester United 2024-25 Third Kit

Imagine the Manchester United 2024-25 Third Kit

The 2024-25 football season, Adidas will return the Trefoil for their third kitsGrhaer9, the designer of the kit, has come up with a possible design for they think the Manchester United 24-25 third shirt will look like – it’s essential to note that we don’t know the colours of the kit as of yet. The design is a speculation and is not a finalized design.

Make and distribute your own football kits using FIFA Kit Creator just as grhaer9 has done with Man United’s third kit. Man United 2024-25 third kit

Manchester United 2024-25 third kit mock-up

This image illustrates a possible new look for the Adidas Manchester United FC 2024-25 third-yarn mock-up.

The brand new Adidas Manchester United 24-25 third football jersey is royal blue with white and red details. Its Trefoil trademark, Manchester United crest and three stripes on the shoulders are red and the Snapdragon sponsor is white.

This Manchester United FC 2024-25 third kit mock-up is based on the latest Adidas design that is characterized by the 2006-inspired side panels, which have cut-outs on the side that is red.

This Manchester United FC 24-25 third shirt may feature the famous red devil symbol of the Man Utd logo instead of the typical club crest, which is similar as their third shirt 23-24.

The only thing that is certain is it will be the Man United 24-25 third kit will sport the Snapdragon sponsor and the Trefoil logo, and a brand new badge that is authentic to the kit on the left side of the shirt.

It has been the case that Nike have used “Royal Blue” as the principal colour for Manchester United’s kits during the 2014-15 and the 2016-17 season.

The Adidas Manchester United 2024-25 third jersey is scheduled to be unveiled in the summer/august of 2024.

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