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Captain Tsubasa Inspired: Special Juventus ‘Kojiro Hyuga’ T-shirt Released

Captain Tsubasa Inspired: Special Juventus 'Kojiro Hyuga' T-shirt Released

The inspiration comes from the main character of the comic book series Captain Tsubasa – Kojiro Hyuga (known in the Western world as Mark Lenders), Juventus x Adidas has released a special T-shirt to pay tribute to Kojiro Hyuga. The goal is to offer fans an unforgettable experience by combining the nostalgia of a childhood icon and a love for their team of choice.

Kojiro Hyuga is one of the main characters of Captain Tsubasa that aired on Italian television screens in the premiere during the summer of 1986. It was being influenced by an extremely loved mangas of all time, and the creation by Yoichi Takahashi. The character is etched in the minds and hearts of generations of followers due to his incredible talent, unwavering determination, and the iconic Tiger Shot.

Juventus ‘Kojiro Hyuga’ T-shirt

The latest Adidas Juventus ‘Kojiro Hyuga shirt is white and features the Adidas logo and Juventus logo in black.

On the front, this shirt has the text that is inspired by anime aesthetics with the name Kojiro as well as the number 78 written in Japanese. In addition, Hyuga and the number 78 are printed on the back, and are accompanied by a photo of him sporting the Juventus 24-25’s third kit.

The Juventus “Kojiro Hyuga football t-shirt sells for sixty Euro.

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