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Pumas UNAM 2024 Third Kit Leaked

Pumas UNAM 2024 Third Kit Leaked

The Panthers UNAM third shirt was spilled through @analisispuma. It is made by Nike, to be delivered in January 2024.

Panthers UNAM 2024 Third Pack

Look at Nike’s Panthers UNAM 2024 third shirt beneath.

The Nike Club Universidad Nacional 23-24 third shirt has a new variety conspire. It is “Baltic Blue” with dark and “Really Gold”, a variety that Nike have recently utilized for Panthers.

Panthers’ new third unit includes another search for the club, with no light blue pullovers delivered up until this point. The latest third units have for the most part included either gold or naval force, or both.

Plan wise, the Jaguars UNAM 2024 third unit is equivalent to other Nike 23-24 Tip top group third packs – specifically, the Liberüool and Tottenham 23-24 third units.

Panthers UNAM 2024 Restoration Coat

The Nike Panthers 2024 third shirt will be delivered in January/February 2024.

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