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Juventus 24-25 Home Kit Leaked

Juventus 24-25 Home Kit Leaked

Update: In view of the spilled data on the Juventus 2024-25 home unit, the pack planner @grhaer9 has envisioned what the Adidas Juventus 2024-25 home unit could seem to be.

Juventus 2024-25 Home Pack

This image shows a potential look new Adidas Juventus 2024-25 home pullover model.

The new Adidas Juventus 2014-25 home football pullover is a customary white and dark with two enormous dark vertical stripes stumbling into the Adidas logo and Juventus peak.

The Adidas logo and Juve peak are white on a dark stripe foundation. The Jeep support has a lightning impact, like late years’ plans.

The Juve 24-25 home pack is set to have another legitimate unit identification on the left back of the shirt.

The Juventus FC 24-25 home unit has a somewhat comparative plan to the 18-19 home pack.

The primary data about the Juventus 24-25 home unit has been spilled by @The_AJC_. It’s made by Adidas and appears to have a genuinely basic plan.

This image shows the shades of the new Adidas Juventus FC home football shirt for 2024-25.

The Adidas Juventus 24-25 home football pullover is a basic mix of the club’s customary white and dark tones.

Authoritatively, the tones are essentially “White/Dark”.

The Juve 24-25 home shirt is probably going to have a white primary tone joined with two huge vertical dark stripes on the shirt. The Adidas logo and Juventus peak will be white, while the three stripes on the shoulders of the shirt will be dark. This is basically the same as the 18-19 Juventus home unit.

The Adidas Juventus 2024-25 home shirt will be sent off in June/July2024.

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