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Empoli 23-24 Third Kit Released

Empoli 23-24 Third Kit Released

Empoli’s new 2023-24 third pack was delivered on Monday and appeared on a similar night against Frosinone. It is made by Kappa.

Empoli’s third pack seemed lighter on the contribute than the send off pictures. In any case, the genuine on-pitch tones are a superior portrayal, as the unit is really lighter than it showed up in the send off.

Empoli 23-24 Third Unit

This is the Empoli 2023-2024 third pullover, made by Kappa.

The Kappa Empoli 2023-24 third pullover has a cutting edge and shortsighted look.

The Empoli football crew’s third unit for the 2023-2024 season is basically naval force with yellow logos. The group’s identification is situated in the focal point of the unit, while the Kappa logo is situated on the right side just beneath the collar in yellow. On the left side, the typical spot of the peak, the “Heart Support” is printed, which is a typical practice in the country.

The Kappa Empoli 2023-2024 third football shirt is accessible since November 6, retailing at 80 Euro.

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