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Unique PSIS Semarang 23-24 Third Kit Released

Unique PSIS Semarang 23-24 Third Kit Released

Indonesian team PSIS Semarang are back with an even better football shirt, designed by local manufacturer Riors.


It is it. It’s the PSIS Semarang 2023-2024 third jersey created by Riors.

The Riors PSIS Semarang 23-24 third football shirt takes inspiration from the beautiful history and splendour that is the town of Semarang and features a unique full-color design.

In terms of color In terms of color, in terms of colors, the Riors PSIS Semarang 2023-2024 third shirt is an innovative one. The shirt is a combination of a light-blueish blue and striking pinkish/blue logo.An exclusive collar with special numbers complete what is Riors PSIS Semarang 23-24 third jersey.

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Made by Riors. What do you think of the Semarang’s 3rd kit from PSIS?

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