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Special Barcelona SC Octubrina Kits Released

Special Barcelona SC Octubrina Kits Released

Marathon Sports has officially launched the 2023 Barcelona SC “Octubrina” kit in celebration of Guayaquil Independence Day, which will be celebrated on the 9th of October.


This shirt is it. It’s the Barcelona SC Octubrina football shirt designed by Marathon.

The Marathon Barcelona SC Octubrina shirt features a predominant colour of grey, and features themes that are related to Guayaquil’s cultural and tourism, including popular tourist spots as well as Guayaquil’s Monumental stadium. Sleeves are dark gray while the sleeves’ cuffs are yellow.

They are the same colour as the “paper scraps” in the shirt. The front collar has the shape of a V in light blue and features the Guayaquil flag, while the collar at the back is black. The collar also features a specialized stamp on the back to commemorate 203 years of independence.

The standard Barcelona SC crest is on the left-hand side of the chest. the Marathon logo is on the right side, just beneath the collar. The Marathon and logos of sponsors are both in black. The Spotify shortcut icon to the song of the Club can also be found on the reverse of the Marathon Barcelona Sporting Club de Ecuador Octubrina shirt.

The black shorts and socks are part of the latest Marathon Barcelona Ecuador Octubrina special outfit.

Barcelona SC Octubrina GK Kit

See Marathon’s Barcelona SC Octubrina GK football shirt here.

This Marathon Barcelona S.C. Octubrina GK shirt features a design similar like that of the Barcelona SC Octubrina special the Marathon Barcelona S.C. Octubrina GK shirt, however it’s primary colour is light blue, with accents of black and white. The Marathon Barcelona S.C. Octubrina GK jersey is linked to Guayaquil, the city. Guayaquil and features the colors of Guayaquil’s flag: white and blue.

White and light blue socks finish off the appearance of the latest Barcelona Ecuador Octubrina GK kit by Marathon.

What are your thoughts on Marathon’s latest Octubrina special jersey and goalkeeper’s jerseys to Barcelona S.C.?

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