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Exclusive: Spain Euro 2024 Home Kit Info Leaked + Prediction

Exclusive: Spain Euro 2024 Home Kit Info Leaked + Prediction

update: Based on the details leaked on the Spain Euro 2024 home kit and the very first leaked Adidas 2024 national kit and kits, we’ve created an illustration of how the actual kit might appear as.

The Spain 2024 kit for the home is blue and yellow and the most notable feature is the wave pattern. There are Three Stripes across the shoulder might be navy-yellow and navy although it’s not yet confirmed.

We are able to reveal the very first details about the Spanish EURO 2024 home kit, with an elongated wave.


The Spain 2024 kit for homes is designed with a wave pattern in the form of a style. The above wave images are for illustration purposes only and don’t represent the exact design.

Adidas employed a unidirectional wave design on Spain’s blue 2022 away shirts.

The Adidas Spain 2024 home shirt will predominantly be red with a yellow trim. The exact method by which the yellow will be used isn’t yet clear. The yellow will serve as an accent color, however when used in waves it could be a shirt with much more yellow than the previous versions.

Past Spain T-shirts that come in a variety with the yellow trim.

This wave design is perhaps the most interesting detail that’s been revealed so far however it remains to be determined how noticeable the pattern will appear, or whether it’s going to be akin to their 2022 away kit design.

What would you rather see if it were a tonal effect of red and red or perhaps a yellow pattern? Would you be interested in the concept of a wave-like pattern on the Spain 2024 home kit?

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