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Aston Villa Ready To End Castore’s Contract

Aston Villa Ready To End Castore's Contract

Aston Villa and kit manufacturer Castore expect to negotiate to a quick end to the shirt’s contract, following Castore offered ‘wet clothing that led to complaint of Aston Villa players, via the Telegraph.


This year, the standard of Castore’s clothing is at an all-time high and serious flaws have been spotted in their clothes often.

In Aston Villa, fans noticed the poor quality of stitching in the beginning of the football season. Many stitches were ripped off, creating a thread of burgundy that was not at home.

In addition the situation has gotten worse in recent times. Aston Villa has always had the look of a wet one that they have, leading to players complaining that their jersey was too heavy, which affected the performance of their team.

It is also the case that Aston Villa women’s team are not able to wear the “wet” outfits during competition because they’re tightly fitting and stick on the human body.

A Castore spokesperson told me:

There’s been some reports in the media about an problem with the football kit that is supplied through Castore for the Aston Villa Football Club. We are currently working with Aston Villa Football Club to resolve this matter in the quickest time possible, in order to ensure that the kit meets the quality standards we are looking for. We’d like to acknowledge our club members for their support and patience up to now.

If the issue is not solved, ASTON VILLA WILL TERMINATE the contract of CASTORE QUICKLY.

Newcastle United invoked an exit clause in the agreement they signed with Castore This implies that, from the start of the next season, the team will be sporting kits manufactured by Adidas.

The co-owner of Villa Nassef Sawiris owns a stake in German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas that has led to some speculation suggesting that Midlands club may be a follower to Newcastle by moving away to Castore in the direction of Adidas.

What are your thoughts as Aston Villa and Castore prepare to terminate their contracts? Are you of the opinion that Castore is likely to improve the quality of his clothing soon?

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