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The “Definitive” Ranking of Adidas Top Teams

The "Definitive" Ranking of Adidas Top Teams

This week we discussed the manner in which Nike treats their best teams. After its huge success it is now our turn to do exactly the same thing for Adidas as well as those of the Three Stripes’ top teams.


Although there isn’t a clear classification of Adidas best teams, the divisions of their top teams are more clear that they were for Nike.

FLAMENGO was upgraded and is not MARKETED in any way internationally.

Adidas has only five elite football teams. There is also Flamengo which is also an elite club. In recent times, Flamengo were downgraded bit by little. Adidas has stopped selling Flamengo’s kit internationally, however they remain a part of the elite club within South America.


Real Madrid, Bayern, Arsenal and Manchester United top Adidas’ rankings at the moment. The only exceptions are that Real Madrid and Manchester United have authentic long-sleeve kits available for sale on the side and Arsenal as well as Bayern have the sole clubs that offer a bespoke women’s kit (Bayern for the season 24-25).

However, other Adidas teams are not Elite teams. They are not able to purchase authentic jerseys, however they must be wearing “replica” Aeroready jerseys.

Adidas Top Teams Ranking based on their Marketing, Kits, and global appeal:

A+ Elite • Real Madrid & Manchester United (only teams selling long-sleeved authentic away kit) Plus Arsenal & Bayern Munchen (special Kits specifically for teams of women)
A Elite — Juventus Kits that are authentic for sale, however not authentic jerseys with long sleeves and there are no exclusive women’s kits
A- Elite — Flamengo Kits that are authentic for sale, however there are no third kit that is lifestyler or international marketing
B Premium Many Teams: Custom kits, however no genuine kits (e.g. Benfica, AS Roma, Leeds United)
– – More Teams with bespoke kit, however virtually no other gear bespoke (e.g. Union Berlin, Nottingham, Fulham)

It will be fascinating to find out the place Adidas will place Newcastle United in their kit structure. Both Elite and Premium are feasible, however it’s more likely that they’ll be unable to get authentic kits (so it is only the Premium version).

Do you think about Adidas”elite teams” rankings? Are you in agreement with the ranking, or do you differ?

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