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Special Palace ‘Napoli’ & ‘Argentina’ 2023 Kits Revealed

Special Palace 'Napoli' & 'Argentina' 2023 Kits Revealed

Inspired by the kit of Argentina as well as Napoli, Palace have launched an winter soccer kit that has an original style.

It’s not a surprise that Palace collaborated in partnership with Adidas and Umbro before in order to develop gorgeous football kits.

The PALACE Winter 2023 Football Jerseys

Not one, but two football shirts available to pick between, Palace have catered for the long-sleeved as well as short-sleeved supporters by releasing their latest designs.

Palace winter 2023 short-sleeved kit

The Palace 2023 winter football shirt is available in blue-white and sky blue color with Baroque-inspired imagery that includes Cherubs, and a Madonna-esque character at the centre.

‘Campeoes Mundiais’ (World Champions) The word “World Champions” is printed across the top of the shirt. the Palace logo seems to have been in the style of the Argentinian national team’s uniform. Cuffs in navy and collar make the entire design to life.

Palace Winter 2023 Long-Sleeve Kit

The Palace winter 2023 football shirt is available in two shades light blue and white, both inspired to the Napoli shirt. The jersey is inspired by Lete and features design for the Palace front of the shirt’s’sponsor’.

The jerseys are both on sale through the Palace site from the 29th of September.

Produced by Palace. Are you a fan of Palace the winter football kits? Let us know below.

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