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Should This Be Banned? Serie A Teams Wear Away and Third Kits at Home

Should This Be Banned? Serie A Teams Wear Away and Third Kits at Home

If you’ve watched Serie A in recent days You’ve probably noticed some oddity – many teams were not sporting their home kit at home. Thank you to The Kitsbaia for alerting us.

SERIE A TEAM DISRESPECTS the tradition of wearing away and THIRD KITS WHEN THE HOME

The first games in the 2023-2024 season Serie A teams have been sporting their away and third kit in home matches.

The incident occurred three occasions that Serie A teams wore away/third kits over the weekend. And only yesterday, Juventus wore their third kit when they played at home against Lecce (who also had the away kits).

In ENGLAND It seems UNTHINKABLE for teams like ARSENAL and MAN UTD to wear AWAY T-shirts at home.Marketing is certainly the main driving factor behind this trend, and teams are promoting their third and away kits in this manner. It’s common to see teams wearing their kits for away in one game.

Napoli vs Lazio – 2 September 2023

The third matchday in the Serie A between Napoli and Lazio, Napoli wore their new black/gold third kit and Lazio went with their black away kit.

With their victory of 4-2 against Juventus, Sassuolo decided to sport their new fluo yellow third kit that just debuted.

The same day, Milan decided to give three-quarters of their pink kit to San Siro.

Udinese against Fiorentina – 24th September 2023. Third vs Away

Udinese against Fiorentina was another game where both teams donned alternate shirt designs. Udinese “had” in order to show off their third kit however, Fiorentina chose to sport its white home kit.

Juventus against Lecce 26 September 2023 – Third game away

The most recent incident occurred this past weekend, as Juventus chose to use the Adidas third kit in their home against Lecce. Lecce also wore their away kits in white which resulted in another “alternative” fixture between the two kits.

It happened three times last week, ALL ONE

The move has caused an argument among soccer fans who believe it’s a violation of traditional practices. It’s like Manchester United or Arsenal wearing their home or third kits in a home stadium. The scenario hasn’t happened yet, and the fans would be furious.

What do you think of Serie A teams wearing away and third kits in their home? We’d love to hear from you via the comment section.

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