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Milan 125-Year Anniversary Kit

Milan 125-Year Anniversary Kit

Version: The fourth and final phase of the Milan year 125 anniversary kit voting has begun. People can cast their votes for the collar’s outer detail on the shirt: A. C. Milan 125 or Rossoneri 125. We’ve made four suggestions for how the Milan year-long anniversary shirt will look with the help of FIFA Kit Creator.

There’s no way to determine what Puma logo will be featured for the design, as well as there is no choice regarding the color of the accent. The result could be an extremely classic design without Puma logo or applications however, it’s speculation at the moment.

Milan 2024 125th Year Anniversary Kit – Four Options could result from a vote

As of now, there were two main alternatives to wear this Puma A.C. Milan 2024 125-year anniversary shirt thick and thin stripes and the crest option (1899 as well as St. George’s Cross).

New version: The third round of the Milan 2024 commemoration kit gives people the opportunity to choose the smallest feature that is not yet. The logo will be in the interior of the collar.

Milan has not yet announced which design and what stripes were crowned winners in earlier contests. The thinner stripes are likely to prevail, while the crest is more difficult to determine according to our view. The logo that was the first to be created has an opportunity to win however, it’s the St George’s Cross is a extremely tough competitor.

The update: The second round of votes for the Milan 125th Anniversary kit is underway. Once they have the ability to select the length of the stripes the fans are now able to vote for their preferred crest. The club is giving the fans two choices – one that features the St.

It is not clear the outcome of the two final voting results will cover. It is likely that the fans could vote on the style, as well as Puma’s logo. Puma logo. A different option is small elements like an emblem on the bottom, or the slogan on the collar.

The 16th of December, 2024 AC Milan will celebrate the 125th anniversary of their history. The club has revealed that they would launch a special anniversary jersey together with Puma.

AC Milan fans can help in the design of the celebration kit using Puma that will be worn by the men’s First Team and the Women’s during the period 2024-25. It will be available to fans for buy.


The most important elements of the structure of Puma Milan 24-25 125-year anniversary jersey is decided by the followers through four online surveys .

The first choice is about the famous Rossoneri stripes The second vote is about the iconic Rossoneri stripes, with Milan providing two choices – one that has more stripes, and the other with smaller stripes.

Fans will likely be able to cast their votes on THE CREST, THE COLLAR as well as a few other elements that make up the Puma Milan 2024-2025 anniversary jersey that can be voted by fans could comprise the collar, the crest and a third element of the of the.

The Puma Milan 24-25 125th anniversary football shirt is scheduled to launch in the months of November and December 2024, most likely in the days before the 125-year anniversary date on December 16 2024.

Milan 100th Anniversary Kit

Puma Milan 125-Years Anniversary Kit

  • AC Milan are celebrating its 150th anniversary on December 16th in 2024. The club will be presenting an anniversary shirt
  • The public can assist in the design of an outfit to commemorate the day which will be used for the AC Milan Men’s and Women’s First Teams.
  • Fans can vote on four key elements of the kit via the four polls online this month.
  • The kit is being developed in conjunction with Puma and will be sold to fans for purchase.

Produced by Puma. Are you excited for Milan’s 125th anniversary t-shirt? Leave a comment below.

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