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Liverpool 2024-25 Training Kits Leaked

Liverpool 2024-25 Training Kits Leaked

In the wake of leaks, the kit maker @grhaer9 is giving us an inside look at this set of Liverpool 24-25 training kit. Nike manufacture these Liverpool 2024-25 training kits to start wearing in Jan. 2024. This will be the 2nd part of the 2023-24 season.

LIVERPOOL Training KITS 24 – 25

Take a look at Nike’s Liverpool FC 2024-25 training shirts in the gallery below.The Nike Liverpool 2024-25 Training Jerseys comes in two different colors in mint and black and a bold red cutout at the shoulder.


The most recent Nike 2024-25 template for the kit has improved details when compared with the previous models. With a fresh Nike Vaporknit design, the shirt has been redesigned and features various distinct panels that contribute to a more polished design. One of the most notable additions is the new sleeve panel, which is a long strip that runs from the collar down up to the apex of the sleeves.

Liverpool 24-25 Training Kit 1

Liverpool 24-25 Training Kit 2

It is expected that the Nike Liverpool 2024-25 training jerseys will be on sale from January 2024.  

The design was created by Nike. What are your thoughts on the Liverpool training kit and Nike’s latest template? Let us know in the comments below.

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