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Coventry 23-24 Away & Third Kits Released

Coventry 23-24 Away & Third Kits Released

New version: Confirming the leak, Coventry City have revealed their 2023-24 third kit today. It celebrates Hummel’s 100th birthday Hummel and features the famous 1986 model.

In addition it is it is worth noting that the Coventry City 23-24 away kit was inspired by the famous Coventry checkers outfit used by Chelsea to stay clear of any clashes with the kit in 1996 and 1997.


The shirt is Coventry 23-24 home shirt designed by Hummel.

This Hummel Coventry Away football shirt 2023-24 will be reviving the check in navy and red pattern that was the most often during 1997-96 Premier League season and begrudgingly used by Chelsea as they arrived on Highfield Road in April that season without their new strip.

The Hummel Coventry 2023-24 away kit features a contemporary twisting checkers pattern with red and navy colors along with white logos.

Hummel is a mix of his Coventry football away shirt 2023-24, Navy shorts, navy socks and a navy shirt.


This shirt is this shirt, the Coventry City F.C. 23, 24, and third soccer shirt designed by Hummel.

The Hummel Coventry City 2023-24 third football shirt is a combination of the black and green colors to create the famous half-and-half style.

The black socks and shorts finish off the appearance of the latest Coventry 23-24 third uniform from Hummel.

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