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EXCLUSIVE: Copy of Nike? Adidas to Launch New Football Boot Naming System

EXCLUSIVE: Copy of Nike? Adidas to Launch New Football Boot Naming System

In 2024, Adidas is changing the way that the football shoes are referred to. Footy Headlines provides you with an early glimpse of the brand new Adidas Naming System.


The first and foremost thing to note is that Adidas does not alter the names of the boot silos: Copa, Predator, and X. But Adidas is likely to change the way the models are referred to.

Adidas is changing its names for their boot levels to appeal to the market (and easier to grasp) leaving the familiar .1, .2, .3, .4 names, in an effort that is similar to Nike. In the case of Nike the top tier is named Elite and the second best Pro and the lowest club. The third-tier is different”Liga” League (Adidas) and Academy (Nike).

One of the biggest advantages of this is the fact that both the laceless as well as the top lace versions are now referred to as Elite. Prior to that, they were known as + (laceless) as well as .1 (lace). Some people might consider that + is more appropriate over .1.


There’s another intriguing name change coming for the next generation of Predator We earlier announced on Monday.

The next generation Adidas Predator will simply be known as “Adidas Predator”, without an additional name (such as Edge, Accuracy or Edge & Freak). The reason for this is most likely to mark thirty years of silos.

In the meantime, the new Adidas Copa Pure model will come with an update of a tiny size. It is referred to as Copa Pure 2.

Adidas Football Boot 2024 Naming System:

  • Best Version: Elite
  • Second-Tier: Pro
  • Third-Tier: League
  • Lowest-Tier: Club

Nike Football Boots Naming System

  • Best Version: Elite
  • Second-Tier: Pro
  • Third-Tier Academy (only different in comparison to Adidas)
  • Lowest-Tier: Club

Adidas Football Boots Naming System – Changes:

  • + is “Laceless Elite”
  • .1 changes to “Elite”
  • .2 is changed to “Pro”
  • .3 changes to “League”
  • . 4 “Club”

Adidas Predator 2024 Names:

  • (Laceless) Adidas Predator Elite
  • Adidas Predator Pro
  • Adidas Predator League
  • Adidas Predator Club

Adidas Copa 2024 Names:

  • (Laceless) Adidas Copa Pure 2 Elite
  • Adidas Copa Pure 2 Pro
  • Adidas Copa Pure 2 League
  • Adidas Copa Pure 2 Club

Adidas X 2024 Names:

  • (Laceless) Adidas X Crazyfast Elite
  • Adidas X Crazyfast Pro
  • Adidas X Crazyfast League
  • Adidas X Crazyfast Club

What are your thoughts on the latest Adidas football boot name system? Are you able to understand the reason Adidas dropped the basic numerals (and the + to indicate laces-free)?

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