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Everton 23-24 Equality Limited Editon Kit Released

Everton 23-24 Equality Limited Editon Kit Released

Everton as well as Hummel are launching the limited edition shirt in order to advocate for equality in football, as well as to raise funds to help the Club as well as Everton for the Community’s multi-award winning inclusion efforts.


See Hummel’s Everton 2023-24 Equality Limited Editon shirt here.

Hummel’s Hummel Everton 2023-2024 Limited editon jersey has thin vertical stripes that are an inspired color scheme based on the well-known Denmark shirt ’86, the same design that is featured prominently in several of Hummel’s kits for 2023/24 as well as the Everton third model that was revealed earlier this month.

The Hummel Everton Football Club 23-24 Equality limited edition football shirt commemorates century of Hummel’s devotion to bringing awareness to social problems and promoting the change in society through sport.

Each shirt sold will enable Everton and the community to provide vital programs and educational sessions across a range of areas like youth engagement, disabilities and social isolation and also celebrating diverse cultures and the LGBTand community.

The Hummel Everton FC 23-24 Equality Limited edition football shirt is priced at PS50.

Made by Hummel. Are you a big fan of Everton FC’s Equality Limited Editon shirt? Leave a comment below.

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