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Eco-Friendly Football Boots Released – Kangaroo Leather & Vegan Versions Available

Eco-Friendly Football Boots Released - Kangaroo Leather & Vegan Versions Available

Have you considered the impact on the environment of soccer boots, which are environmentally friendly? British startup manufacturer Sokito present to you the Devista shoes, a collection of environmentally friendly football boots.


These are the latest Sokito Devista soccer shoes.

Its Devista football boot “made of sustainable, high-performance materials to enhance your game on the pitch”.

Sokito offer two models: Devista and Devista Vegan. Both of them are environmentally friendly alternatives to expensive football boots made by the major brands, without compromising on performance.


The traditional Devista Sokito football boots are constructed of soft kangaroo skin. In case you were wondering what the reasoning behind using Kangaroo leather to make an eco-friendly football boot, the brand’s Kangaroo Leather “comes only from wild kangaroos Down Under.

In addition Devista Vegan boots Devista Vegan Boots feature the same design similar to the regular Devista shoes, however they are created without the use of animal products. there is no kangaroo skin here obviously.


Devista Vegan Devista Vegan features 100% vegan upper leather that is made of recycled nylon 45 that is sourced mostly from recycled carpet and 55 percent polyurethane (PU).

Devista Vegan Devista Vegan is the second in the world to have been verified as vegan by an international organization.

Contrary to the majority of boots The Devista soccer shoe was created by hand by a skilled craftsman in Europe.

Soleplates of the Devista boot has a design much like the soleplate in Puma Ultra Ultimate boot. Puma Ultra Ultimate boot.

Sokito Devista – Features

  • Football boots that are eco-friendly from British Start-up
  • Two Versions are Available: Regular (Kangaroo Leather Upper “by product”)/Vegan (45 percent recycled nylon, and 55 55% Polyurethane (PU)[45% recycled nylon, 55% Polyurethane (PU)
  • The majority of the footwear consists of 13 components that are eco-friendly comprising recycled carpets as well as recycled plastic bottles in addition to recycled rubber.
  • Certain parts of boots are made of non-sustainable products – there aren’t any alternatives readily available (e.g. Foam padding, Stud tips)
  • Made ethically by hand in Europe
  • The tongue is locked in and lacing off the center. system enhances management
  • Weight is 221g (almost exactly the same as Nike Mercurial, the most known speed shoe with a lightweight available)
  • Price: 150 GBP

The brand new Sokito Devista soccer boots are on sale at 150 GBP.

Are you convinced that Adidas, Nike and Puma are going to follow suit and launch completely eco-friendly football boots soon? What are your thoughts on the brand new Sokito Devista boots? Leave a comment below, then look through the Boot Calendar for all the new Sokito football boots.

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