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Unique Venezia 23-24 Goalkeeper Kit Released

Unique Venezia 23-24 Goalkeeper Kit Released

The latest Venezia goalkeeper shirt debuted in the last few weeks. It was designed by Kappa and is expected to be worn during 2023-2324 Serie B.


It’s the FC Venezia 23-24 GK home jersey that was designed by Kappa.

The Kappa Venezia 2023-2024 GK home shirt is dark red, with a an orange and green sash running along the front starting from the top left to the bottom left.

The Kappa Venezia 23-24 GK home football shirt is gold with a collar, sleeve cuffs and sleeves with the green/orange trimming.

The shorts in the FC Venezia 23-24 GK home kit are deep red.

The Kappa Venezia 2023-24 GK home football jersey costs 90 EUR.


See Kappa’s Venezia 23-24 GK away jersey here.

The Kappa Venezia 23-24 GK away shirt features a predominant gold hue featuring thin orange stripes, and thin green at the top side of the jersey.

The Kappa FC Venezia 2023-24 GK away shirt comes with gold sleeves with cuffs that have an orange and green border.

The shorts on the FC Venezia 2023-2024 GK away strip are made of gold.

Kappa Venezia 23-24 GK away shirt will cost you the sum of 90 EUR.

Made by Kappa. Would you wear the Venezia goalkeeper shirt? Leave a comment below.

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