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AS Nancy-Lorraine 23-24 Away Kit Released

AS Nancy-Lorraine 23-24 Away Kit Released

The brand new AS Nancy-Lorraine away jersey has been released on the morning of on the morning of yesterday. It was designed by Kipsta and will be used for 2023-2024 of the Championnat National.


The new Kipsta AS Nancy-Lorraine away soccer shirt from 2023 to 2024.

Kipsta AS Nancy 2023-24 away shirt Kipsta AS Nancy 2023-24 away t-shirt features a black base color, paired with vertical stripes in yellow across the shirt. These designs are taken from the L’Autre Canal building to create modern and stylish outdoor wear.

L’Autre Canal is an active space that’s dedicated to music of the present. It’s beyond concerts featuring a variety of activities for the benefit young people as well as local organizations. This is a dynamic that perfectly fits AS Nancy-Lorraine. It’s currently undergoing a complete reconstruction.

The sleeves feature two gold stripes. They also have the Kipsta Logo, AS Nancy crest and the sponsor logo are all gold.

Made by Kipsta . Do you like AS Nancy Lorraine’s away shirt? Leave a comment below.

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