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Alternative Bayern München 23-24 Oktoberfest Kit

Alternative Bayern München 23-24 Oktoberfest Kit

Adidas along with Bayern Munich have released an unique olive-colored Oktoberfest shirt, and it is causing some to raise eyebrows. A few fans believe that the design isn’t really capturing the essence of Bayern’s classic colors. To remedy this problem, we’ve created another Oktoberfest kit idea to Bayern Munich.


Find our alternate color, red FC Bayern Munchen 2023-24 Oktoberfest concept football shirt here.

The Adidas Bayern Munchen 2023-2024 Oktoberfest concept football t-shirt replaces the olive-green to the iconic red of the club while keeping the white logo which gives an authentic look and feel of this Bavarian club.

The motif of mountain flowers in the Adidas Bayern Munchen 23-24 Oktoberfest remains in our conception.If you’ve ever wondered the reason Bayern went for a green kit, the color green reminds us of the phrase “Wiesn” (“meadow”) in the sense that the Oktoberfest is often referred to as.

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The red color of our Adidas FC Bayern 2023-24 Oktoberfest shirt is obviously unavailable for purchase.

Which one do you like better or the traditional olive green or our alternate red and white? Tell us via the remarks.

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