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Luton Town 23-24 Premier League Third Kit Revealed

Luton Town 23-24 Premier League Third Kit Revealed

Version 1.0 Update the leak for Luton Town’s 23-24th thrid kit is confirmed. The kit will be on sale in the stores beginning at 10 am, and on the internet at 11am the following day.

New Update Luton Town surprisingly was seen sporting their unreleased navy pink, and white third kit socks on Stamford Bridge, it has been reported on Twitter by @museumofjerseys. We are expecting the Luton Town 2023-2024 third kit to go on sale in the near future.

Luton Town’s new third shirt has been leaked by Luton shirt specialists @LTFCShirts. The shirt is manufactured by Umbro and is expected to be worn during the 23-24 Premier League campaign.


The shirt is the brand new Umbro Luton Town Football Club third football shirt to be worn in 2023-24.

This Umbro Luton Town FC 2023-24 third football shirt is predominantly dark navy, with a unique pattern of purple and pink at the front.

All emblems and logos for the Umbro Luton Town Football Club 23-24’s third football shirt are white.

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It is not available for purchase yet. Umbro Luton Town FC 23-24 third football shirt isn’t sold out yet.

Luton Town 23-24 Kits

Made by Umbro. Are you a fan of Luton Town Football Club’s 3rd kit? Also, take a look at the 23-24 kit Overview for leaks of the jerseys 2023-2024.

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