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Premier League to Block Chelsea Infinite Athlete Main Kit Sponsor Deal? Here is Why They Likely Won’t

Premier League to Block Chelsea Infinite Athlete Main Kit Sponsor Deal? Here is Why They Likely Won't

Chelsea’s agreement with the sports information firm Infinite Athlete has still not been officially announced. There could be a reason. There is a lot of doubt about whether the agreement is not in line with Premier League rules of fair market value and independent. The Footy Headlines summarise what various parties have to say and the likelihood the deal is passed by the Premier League.

Chelsea x Infinite Athlete Deal to Be Blocked or Granted?

The Chelsea shirt sponsorship contract together with Infinite Athlete may not happen due to the fact that Infinite Athlete and the Premier League are conducting due investigation into the idea. . Chelsea believe that they can count on the Premier League will approve the proposal for a PS40 million a year shirt sponsorship contract (previously the deal was said to cost PS50 million annually) .

Premier League want a (relatively) fairly level playing field despite the clubs with wealthy owners. Following the acquisition of Newcastle United were taken over in the past, deals that go over UKPS1 million will be evaluated for the fair market worth.

Why the Chelsea x Infinite Athlete Deal Could Be Blocked

The Premier League are scrutinizing the Infinite Athlete deal as there are questions about whether it adheres to its “fair market value” rules. Infinite Athlete were created just one week prior to discussions with Chelsea were initiated. Its revenue estimate is PS12 millions ($15m) per year The agreement will cost about PS40m ($51m) for Chelsea.

One of the largest players of Infinite is the business Silver Lake, which also is associated with Fanatics. Clearlake Capital, who backed the consortium who took control of Chelsea following Roman Abramovich left, has made investments of millions of dollars into Fanatics.

Reasons for Chelsea x Infinite Athlete Deal to Be Blocked

Beserked about “fair market value” rules
Infinite Athlete were created just one week prior to Chelsea’s signing
An estimated turnover of 12 million dollars per year the deal is worth PS40m to Chelsea
Clearlake Capital invested in Fanatics and supported Chelsea’s acquisition

Why Infinite Athlete & Chelsea Think the Deal Could Be Granted

As per The Telegraph, Infinite Athlete told to the Premier League that they raised thousands of million in investments, while the backers and investors of their team earned an amount of revenue that was the same.

Infinite Athlete have been granted the exclusive right to sign their agreement with Chelsea. The two parties believe the agreement will be signed by the time that Chelsea’s brand to appear on Chelsea’s players in the coming season.

Reasons for Chelsea x Infinite Athlete Deal to Be Granted

PS40m Deal is Fair Market Value: Another large Premier League clubs get similar or even more as
Rules of the Premier Laggue appear to look at the fair market value The deal cannot be blocked simply because of connections to the owner
The deal is in comparison to the Social Finance Los Angeles Stadium deal Social Finance were also considered an early-stage technology company back in the day.
Infinite Athlete have already partnered with several sports leagues around the world such as NFL as well as the tech-oriented golf league TGL
Chelsea’s partnership with Tempus that is now operating as part of the Infinite Athlete umbrella, saw the club launch Match View X technology on the app of the club in March.

Imperfect Premier League Rules?

What’s bad about Financial Fair Play Premier League rules? As highlighted by a renowned expert, on Swedish Rumble ( @SwedishRumble ) The reason for this is that it is the Fair Market Value definition used within the Premier League rules is very standard. It is important to note that the identity of the individual who purchases a service isn’t relevant. What is the Fair Market Value remains the same regardless of who bought the service. Based on this definition is a fictional one and mimics the transaction.

The SWEDISH Rumble believes that the FAIR MARKET VALUE Rule is not a good idea. The Swedish Rumble recommends the league add an all-encompassing “No Circumvention” provision like most of the US professional leagues. It’s an “mockery of the rules if an owner can just create a shell company, provide it with an IOU, and funnel cash to a club”.

Footy Headlines Estimate: Deal Will Be Approved – Probability at Least 80 Percent

Footy Headlines think the deal is likely to be approved, and the odds are around 90%. Why?

This is explained in this article, the Swedish Rumble ( @SwedishRumble ) In the present, Premier League rules do almost just look at whether a contract is “Fair Market Value”. Chelsea’s L40 million-a-year contract is the same league as other deals for top teams even though Chelsea will not play in Europe this year.

In addition, if you examine what is called the “FMV Assessment Factors” in Appendix 18 to the Rules The type of deal a business partner engages in is an additional aspect that must be reported. There is therefore the (small) possibility that the transaction will be refused.

Chelsea’s L40 million-per-year contract is in line with the other deals for top teams even though there is the absence of European soccer this year – regulations do not prohibit an individual (also partially or indirectly) sponsors and owns a club.

In the Fair Market Value Assessment, Factors take into account the kind of business that the counterparty performs Infinite Athlete virtually have no company but .

Are you convinced that the Premier League will allow Chelsea’s Infinite Athlete deal?

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